Calling all Ugariticists (or at least those who have studied it before) . . .

Hello everyone,

This is my first semester taking Ugaritic, as my previous post mentions.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for useful aids to help master this language?  These aids could include websites, books,  flashcard programs, etc.  Any thoughts or resources would be welcomed and appreciated.



My Final Semester Class Load

For my final semester at GCTS, I will be taking four(ish) courses.

Exegesis in Proverbs 5 (directed study under Dr. T. Petter)

I believe that this will be a great experience, which will give me the chance to augment my research in this chapter even further.  The hope is that at the end of the course I [...]

A Little Help Here

I am having a difficult time deciding what to take this up coming semester.  I need to decide between these two classes: Ugaritic and Wisdom Literature.

Wisdom Literature (which I would ultimately like to specialize in) is being offered at Boston College by Daniel J. Harrington.  I have not taken a class at BC; however, I [...]