YHVH's Posture in Ps 9: Obscured Enthronment Language Among the Translations

This week I began to translate and write a small commentary on Ps. 9 for an upcoming class that I will be teaching.  Psalm 9 is an interesting psalm that focuses on the rule of YHVH as it relates to justice.  The psalmist rejoices and celebrates the execution of YHVH’s wondrous deeds that he enumerates [...]

Interview with Dr. Brent Strawn on the Common English Bible

Dr. Brent A. Strawn is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Emory University in the Chandler School of Theology.  He is widely published, and also happens to be one of the co-editors of the Common English Bible.  Dr. Strawn has been kind enough to address some of my questions about the Common English [...]

Another Stop on the CEB Blog Tour

I decided that I would participate in the Common English Bible Blog Tour.  This tour is to run from February 22 to May 27.  Throughout this period, I plan to compare and discuss renderings found in the CEB with other popular translations.  I will then discuss how the translators handled that passage.  All of my [...]

Too many choices in translating a text

I am often frustrated when I begin to translate a portion of scripture.  I know I am not alone with this frustration.  Those who work with the other languages are forced to make difficult decisions, especially regarding metaphors.   Do we translate a passage literally, and handicap the readers of our translation in understanding the [...]