Blogs Discussing the Relationship Between Exegesis and Dogmatics

I discovered Narrative and Ontology a month or so ago, and I can honestly say that this blog is becoming one of my favorites to read. The blog is maintained by Philip Sumpter a Phd student in Germany. Much of his work and reading has been influenced by Brevard Childs (which sadly is [...]

Hermeneutics: Interpretation, Community of Faith, and Roland Murphy

I recently have been reading a festschrift entitled Master of the Sacred Page: Essays and Articles in Honor of Roland E. Murphy, O.Car., On The Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday. There is a quote from an interview by Roland Murphy that I thought was just brilliant, so I would like to share it with [...]

The Taboo is Gone, but The Thrill is Back

Back in my undergrad days, I remember hearing about John Calvin.  I heard he was bad, that he should be avoided, and those who believed like him were soooo misguided!  This taboo treatment of the great reformer is what led me to him.  I found an electronic version of The Institutes of the Christian Religion [...]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Hermeneutics and Theological Systems

In the previous post, I was bemoaning a book that became a pleasant surprise.  I would like to share a quote that I have been chewing on for a few days.  The following paragraph is taken from pages 145-146 of Darwin on Trial and it is actually a quotation from Karl Popper discussing “science-ideologies” in [...]

Christiani-me: Just Me and Jesus

In the American Evangelical landscape, we have millions of Christians that celebrate their faith as an act of rugged individualism. Faith, often within this context, is an extension of our American culture, which celebrates and elevates the self above all other things, including one another.

I remember being engaged in a conversation about worship with [...]

What Shall We Call the First Testament?

If one thinks about it the church by and large applies a neo-Marcionite lens to the Old Testament; if not by word, surely in deed. The Old Testament doesn’t get the kind of press from the pulpit that its sequel normally gets. Less ink is spilt covering the Old Testament from the academy [...]