Interview with Dr. Brent Strawn on the Common English Bible

Dr. Brent A. Strawn is an Associate Professor of Old Testament at Emory University in the Chandler School of Theology.  He is widely published, and also happens to be one of the co-editors of the Common English Bible.  Dr. Strawn has been kind enough to address some of my questions about the Common English [...]

Goldingay on the 1st Testament

I have sadly owned both available volumes of Goldingay’s Old Testament Theology for several months, but I have been unable to get anywhere in these volumes due to class work and other interests; however, last night I started reading chapter 1 of volume 1.  Goldingay states his theological presupposition in the following quote:

“In principle I [...]

Book Review: Old Testament Ethics and the People of God by Christopher J.H. Wright

Wright, Christopher J.H. Old Testament Ethics for the People of God. Downers Grove, IL.: InterVarsity Press, 2004.

This is a wonderful book by an impressive scholar of the 1st Testament. For those who are not familiar with the work of Christopher J.H. Wright, he deals mostly with ethics and justice as it relates to the [...]

What Shall We Call the First Testament?

If one thinks about it the church by and large applies a neo-Marcionite lens to the Old Testament; if not by word, surely in deed. The Old Testament doesn’t get the kind of press from the pulpit that its sequel normally gets. Less ink is spilt covering the Old Testament from the academy [...]