Product Review: Logos' Qumran Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Database

The Qumran Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Database (henceforth referred to as BDSS) finally arrived on Friday (March 11).  After much delay and a few setbacks, I am now in possession of this important resource.  As many of my readers will know, the Dead Sea Scrolls represent some of the oldest known textual witnesses to the [...]

Sharing Some Link Love

Daniel and Tonya are back to blogging and have a great post regarding the philosophy that guided the famed Hebrew lexicographer, Friedrich Gesenius.   This philosophy guides many of the popular Hebrew lexicons that you most likely use today (BDB, Holliday, and HALOT).  If you use these lexicons, you will want to read this post.  Welcome [...]

Me, Bruce Lee, & Teaching the Biblical Languages

After recently reading a testimonial post by the Bruce Lee of Biblical Hebrew[1], I decided that I would dig through my blog archives and re-post something that I wrote last year (in June to be exact).  A reason for this re-post is that I have quadrupled my readership since writing that post, and I would [...]

Product Review: Logos 4.0

Logos has just officially rolled out their newest version — 4.0!  Go here for more specifics.

I have consistently used Logos Bible software for close to 15yrs now.  In fact, my first edition of Logos came on something that looked like this.  Over many years, Logos’ software has become more robust as they have been able [...]

Seminaries, Biblical Languages, and Bible Software

I have been giving thought lately to the requirement of languages at seminaries.  At Gordon Conwell, an M.Div student must take a year of Greek and Hebrew, an MA in Old Testament student must take a singular year of Hebrew (and that is it).  This is not really unique to GCTS; many schools have [...]

Logos did it again!!!

If you are not familiar with Logos you should be. Logos is a software company that specializes in biblical software. I currently have the Silver Scholars edition on their Libronix 3 platform, but this information is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to share with you [...]