Grammatical Analysis of Hosea 2:4-7

This is yet another post in what will be a long running series on Hosea 2:4-7.  I hope you find them helpful in working with the text  (this post will require some knowledge of Hebrew).  The previous posts in this series include:

Text Criticism/Reconstructed Text, Translation, and Translation notes

The Historical Context of Hosea (Part I)

The Historical [...]

Cult Prostitution in the Levant During the 1st Temple Period: Fact or Fiction?

It is amazing that the longer you spend studying a subject the more often you have to re-address your presuppositions and investigate their legitimacy in light of available data.  One such presupposition that was passed to me by former professors and commentators is the nature of ancient Canaanite religions.  It is fairly common to find [...]

Why I disagree with Heschel Here...

I am becoming a huge fan of the late Jewish philosopher and exegete Abraham Heschel.  His discussions on the Prophets are brilliant, a point John Hobbins has also recently been advocating.  I, too, find his writing to be insightful, engaging, thoroughly clear, and enjoyable.  However, I find some of his statements regarding Hosea to be [...]

Heschel on Hosea

I have been reading for my research project a few introductory sections on Hosea.  One of the works that I have consulted today was The Prophets by Abraham J. Heschel.  Heschel is a brilliant writer and I thought that I would share with you the following paragraph from his chapter on Hosea (more quotes likely [...]

Hosea 2:6: Prostitution and Paternity

My interest for today’s post has to do with the word אֲרַחם within Hosea 2:6.  This word is a Piel imperfect, first person singular verb.  The word compassion or mercy derives from the nominative רחם, which means womb.[1] Though the noun רחם is not in this passage, the reader may receive the prophet’s word as [...]

Working on Hosea, Any Thoughts

This semester I will be working on Hosea chapter two for my Minor Prophets class w/ Doug Stuart. I only own a handful of commentaries on this book, and was curious if anyone would suggest another to add to my shelves?

I own:

Stuart’s WBC volume

Anderson & Freedman’s Anchor Bible Commentary

Garrett’s NAC Volume

Morris’ Prophecy, Poetry, and [...]