I Hate Normal Flashcards: Towards a New Solution for Biblical Hebrew!

There, I said it!  I don’t like flashcards and I never did.  My loathing of these ubiquitous scraps of paper likely stems from my elementary school days, but now I can more clearly articulate why I don’t like them. 

Standard vocabulary flashcards don’t provide a context, and context is one of the most important building [...]

Me, Bruce Lee, & Teaching the Biblical Languages

After recently reading a testimonial post by the Bruce Lee of Biblical Hebrew[1], I decided that I would dig through my blog archives and re-post something that I wrote last year (in June to be exact).  A reason for this re-post is that I have quadrupled my readership since writing that post, and I would [...]

I Need Pedagogical Advice for Teaching 1st Year Hebrew Students: What to do with Verbs?

I have been teaching Biblical Hebrew at my church over the last month and a half.  My class consists of 4 students that are members of my church (the youngest student is going into the 7th grade, and the oldest is a college professor).  I am thrilled to be teaching them and I believe that [...]