Grammatical Analysis of Hosea 2:4-7

This is yet another post in what will be a long running series on Hosea 2:4-7.  I hope you find them helpful in working with the text  (this post will require some knowledge of Hebrew).  The previous posts in this series include:

Text Criticism/Reconstructed Text, Translation, and Translation notes

The Historical Context of Hosea (Part I)

The Historical [...]

Book Review: A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

Book Review

Garrett, Duane A., and Jason S. DeRouchie. A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. Nashville, TN.: B&H Academic, 2009.

At the beginning of the summer, I received a review copy of A Modern Grammar for Biblical Hebrew from the kind folks at Broadman & Holman (just wanted to say thanks to B&H for an opportunity [...]