My Final Semester Class Load

For my final semester at GCTS, I will be taking four(ish) courses.

Exegesis in Proverbs 5 (directed study under Dr. T. Petter)

I believe that this will be a great experience, which will give me the chance to augment my research in this chapter even further.  The hope is that at the end of the course I [...]

I have decided on my classes for the following semester…

While this isn’t earth shattering news, I have been agonizing over this decision for a while now.  My class load will look as follows next semester:

Middle Egyptian with Dr. A. Botta @BU

Exegesis of the Prophetic Books with Dr. Donna Petter @GCTS

Exegesis of Genesis with Dr. Carol Kaminski@ GCTS

Akkadian with Professor Meredith M. Kline (I am [...]

Update: Where I have been

Wow…I haven’t written much in a weeks time or so, which is a bit odd for me. But this has been a whirlwind week and a half. As many of you know, my wife and I got a puppy (which is extremely time consuming, while being very enjoyable). I started my fall [...]

Seminaries, Biblical Languages, and Bible Software

I have been giving thought lately to the requirement of languages at seminaries.  At Gordon Conwell, an M.Div student must take a year of Greek and Hebrew, an MA in Old Testament student must take a singular year of Hebrew (and that is it).  This is not really unique to GCTS; many schools have [...]