Some Thoughts on Attending a Seminary . . .

During the Fall semester, if this blog was a house, then it would have been condemned crack house.  No posts have resided in it until now.  This was my final semester at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and it was a crazy one at that.  I graduated with two master degrees (Old Testament & Religion).  These degrees have allowed me the [...]

My Final Semester Class Load

For my final semester at GCTS, I will be taking four(ish) courses.

Exegesis in Proverbs 5 (directed study under Dr. T. Petter)

I believe that this will be a great experience, which will give me the chance to augment my research in this chapter even further.  The hope is that at the end of the course I [...]

A New Provost at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

I have just leanred that the former president of RTS in Orlando, Dr. Frank James, has resigned his postion and will be accepting a new position as Provost of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  I don’t know anything about James other than that he is into systematics and historical theology.  For more information on this change, [...]

A Little Help Here

I am having a difficult time deciding what to take this up coming semester.  I need to decide between these two classes: Ugaritic and Wisdom Literature.

Wisdom Literature (which I would ultimately like to specialize in) is being offered at Boston College by Daniel J. Harrington.  I have not taken a class at BC; however, I [...]

Seminaries, Biblical Languages, and Bible Software

I have been giving thought lately to the requirement of languages at seminaries.  At Gordon Conwell, an M.Div student must take a year of Greek and Hebrew, an MA in Old Testament student must take a singular year of Hebrew (and that is it).  This is not really unique to GCTS; many schools have [...]

The Search is over…

Well the search is over. Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary has finally found a permanent replacement for Dr. Walter Kaiser. Dr. Robinson did a wonderful job as the interim-president of the school holding the fort down until a new candidate was hired. The sixth president of GCTS will be Dennis P. Hollinger. [...]

It Is Funny How Some Things Work Out: Reading Week and Required Readings.

It is funny how some things just work out. This semester I was slightly frustrated by the required reading for some of my classes at GCTS. I had a several duplicated textbooks for two very different classes, which was also very frustrating. However, I was most aggravated by a book entitled Darwin [...]