Open Source Digital Academic Resources From Around the Web

I love it when good scholarly resources become available to the general public for free.  When the sources are digital and open access, then I am a happy man.  So in the spirit of that sentiment, I thought I would share a few resources with you folks.

Duke University has made their dissertations available to [...]

Zotero 2.0 is out of Beta

I have sung the praises of Zotero on this blog in the past, so I will spare you readers from my verbal genuflecting again.  However, if you are thinking, “what is Zotero and do I need it?”  Then you (providing you do any academic work) need to go to their website learn about it and [...]

Free Tyndale Monographs…

I was just informed (via. the Agade list) that Tyndale Press Monographs are now open access and available in PDF.  There are a couple interesting volumes related to the HB.

The PDF’s can be found here and here.


Middle Egyptian Resource

While this doesn’t directly have much to do with wisdom literature, I have created some resources for Middle Egyptian.  As with all of my resources, please feel free to use them just attribute their authorship back to me.

Pdf: Middle Egyptian Paradigms

Free Resources Galore From The Fine Folks At Oriental Institute

While this may be news that is a few days old, I thought I would share this wonderful news anyways. The Oriental Institute has an electronic publications initiative in which they are taking many important resources and making them available at no cost in a PDF format. This is such an amazing service [...]