Review:The Hebrew Old Testament and the Ministry Today: An Exegetical Study of Leviticus 19:18b

David Noel Freedman, in a small article in his collected writings,[1] discusses the wide breadth of knowledge that should  be possessed by those in ministry, while also illustrating the benefits of being knowledgeable in various related interdisciplinary fields (i.e. archaeology, linguistics, theology, philosophy, and history) by exegeting Leviticus 19:18b.  However, archaeology and history never [...]

Humbling Words of Wisdom from a Departed Giant, David Noel Freedman

I picked up volume two of Divine Commitment and Human Obligation: Selected Writings of David Noel Freedman, which focuses on Poetry and Orthography, and encountered humbling words about what this giant had learned over the past fifty prolific years as a Biblical scholar.

“What have fifty years of activity in this field taught me about the [...]