Too many choices in translating a text

I am often frustrated when I begin to translate a portion of scripture.  I know I am not alone with this frustration.  Those who work with the other languages are forced to make difficult decisions, especially regarding metaphors.   Do we translate a passage literally, and handicap the readers of our translation in understanding the [...]

Hebrew Vocab Resources

Karyn Traphagen has just finished hosting a contest on the best vocab aids people have used in their quest to acquire Hebrew vocabulary.   I was unaware of many of the named resources, but there are some really great sounding ones in this list.  To see Karyn’s commentary on these vocabulary tools, go here.  Kayrn [...]

Biblical Hebrew is Now for Sunday School Classes

Last Sunday, I taught my 1st Hebrew Class as a Sunday School option at my church.  I have 6 students who will be taking the plunge into classical Hebrew (The youngest student that I have will be entering the 7th grade this coming September, which is pretty cool). The purpose of this summer class is [...]

Need Help Identifying Those Pesky Piel's?

Another series of Hebrew language resources that I have been creating is designed to help students identify verbal stems correctly.  I am not a big fan of memorizing paradigm charts, so this is an alternative to that method (while diagnostics can never be full proof, I believe they are extremely helpful).   The first one I [...]

Teaching Biblical Hebrew to a Congregation….Help, Hints, and/or Advice?

Hello All,

I have been giving serious thought about offering a Biblical Hebrew class at my church.  I have a few reservations about this project, but I also think this could be a great experience for me and for those involved.

I would like to use an inductive grammar (Bonnie Kittel’s Biblical Hebrew: Text and Workbook. 2nd [...]

Found: The Oldest Known Hebrew Text

Reuters is reporting an archaeological find that contains the oldest known Hebrew text.

Check out the article here

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Recommended (blog) Reading…

A friend of mine, Calvin Parks, has written a great little post summarizing frequent questions he hears in regards to learning a biblical language (mostly Hebrew) in a seminary setting.  He also links to other posts that he has written over the years.  If you get a chance, check it out.

Hebrew Word of the Day, 4

Hebrew Word of the Day, 3

Hebrew Word of the Day, 1.

I will be starting a new blog series.  Starting today, I will be providing a Biblical Hebrew word each day with a brief definition.  The words will be organized by frequency from words that occur only 10 times and moving up to words that occur over 50,000 times in the Hebrew Bible.