Dead Sea Scrolls in Boston . . .

On October 19th, my wife and I went on a date to go see the Dead Sea Scrolls on their last weekend in Boston at the Boston Science Museum. I am pretty romantic, don’t you think? Well, the science museum is the site of our first date so there is something romantic about it for [...]

Would Joe Friday Be Cool with Archaeology?

"Just the Facts"

Archaeology is not a hard science, despite what its practitioners think. In some of my recent readings, I have encountered this snobbish attitude from some archaeologists. They seem to look down their nose at philologists because they practice science in an unbiased way, opposed to those biased philologists that are [...]

Found: The Oldest Known Hebrew Text

Reuters is reporting an archaeological find that contains the oldest known Hebrew text.

Check out the article here

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An Ancient Piggy Bank Has Been Discovered

Biblia Hebraica’s Douglas Mangum is reporting an archaeological find from the 2nd Temple period.  Apparently some sad ancient was not able to carry their fortune to the afterlife, and it has recently been uncovered by the hands of an archaeologist, Oded Lipschits.  The original article that Mangum links to is here.

Kenneth Kitchen on the Lack of Material Culture Found in Northern Egypt

I have been working on the beginning chapter of Exodus this week (for a sermon) and came across an interesting paragraph in a book by Kenneth Kitchen. I thought I would share the paragraph with you.

“Mud, mud and wattle, and mud-brick structures were of limited duration and use, and were repeatedly leveled and replaced, [...]