Book Review: Wisdom Texts from Qumran by Daniel J. Harrington S.J.

Daniel J. Harrington S.J.  Wisdom Texts from Qumran. New York, NY.: Routledge, 1996. [1]

A few years ago, I had to pleasure to take a Wisdom Literature survey course with Dan Harrington at Boston College.  The portion of the course dealing with the sapiential literature from Qumran was a personal highlight for me.  I remember [...]

Fortune Cookies and Israel's Sapiential Tradition

While cleaning up my study this afternoon, I came across a small piece of paper. I immediately recognized this small scrap as a fortune from a cookie. I don’t remember procuring this small treasure from the inside of a stale post-Chinese food treat, but I am sure it is at least a year [...]

The Wisdom of Gerhard von Rad . . .

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to get a little reading done.  For my historiography seminar, I am giving a presentation on Gerhard von Rad, which will be due in a few weeks.  I have decided to limit my talk to von Rad’s views on the wisdom literature.  While I may have a [...]

Updated Wisdom Bibliography

I haven’t updated my running wisdom bibliography since the summer. Since that time a few pages of resources have been added.  So if you are interested in my running wisdom bibliography, then go here.  (There is also a permanent link on my wisdom resource tab.)


In order for a title to make it to my bibliography, [...]

Michael Fox On the Utopian, Paradoxically and Materialist Idealizations in the Work of Norman Rockwell and in Proverbs

During my bed time reading, I came across this gem from Michael Fox:

” For a comparable process of idealization through selective vision, consider the way Norman Rockwell promulgated a sentimentalized, heavily didactic ideal of white, middle-class, small-town America, with its family values and love for honest work and self reliance, an America where tolerance means [...]

Newsom on Job Restoring the "Order" of the Moral World: An Answer to the Satan's Challenge

I came across this great quote last night, and I thought I would share it.  Enjoy!

“The satan has uncovered an ideological contradiction in the religious discourse that, when brought to light, threatens to render meaningless the fundamental category of that discourse.  As this proto-Nietzschean figure says in his clever genealogy of piety, “Does Job fear [...]

Saturday is for Sumerian Proverbs: Fate as a Dog Edition

This Saturday’s Sumerian Proverb (which, as usual, is drawn from Bendt Alster’s book, Proverbs of Ancient Sumer) is another example of an interesting metaphorical string.  Enjoy!

“Fate is a dog, well able to bite.

It clings like  dirty rags (saying),

‘Who is my man? Let him know it!’”


Saturday is for Sumerian Proverbs: The Donkey as a Metaphor Edition

It has been a while since I have published anything for this series.  So I decided to give you a bit more commentary on one of the Sumerian proverbs from Bendt Alster’s book, Proverbs of Ancient Sumer.

“My youthful vigor left my loins

like a runaway donkey”

9 Sec. A8

I really enjoyed this metaphor.  The primary subject is [...]

Article or Book Suggestions Welcomed and Greatly Appreciated!

Hello everyone,

I just got clearance to take an guided independent research course this semester with Dr. Niehaus.  We will be exploring the theories behind metaphor, imagery and symbolism, and then specifically connecting these theories to Proverbs 1-9.

Below are a list of sources that I have so far (I would really like more books on theory):

Retributive Justice is a Sometime Thing

I have been terrible at writing posts this summer as well as reading others posts (which explains the fact that I have 106 unread blog posts in my reader).  This morning I started to read a great post at Biblia Hebraica on retributive justice.  Doug taking his cue from Raymond Van Leeuwen concludes that retributive [...]