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New Wrapping, Same Great Taste!

After using my old url (parkersmood@wordpress dot com) since 2007, I have decided to retire it and self-host this blog.  All of the posts and comments since 2007 have been saved and imported onto this site.  Therefore, there is no need to visit the old site.  I hope that you will change your blog rolls [...]

Leave it to OI students to turn average bathroom wall graffiti into an academic exercise

I came across this post today, and it made me chuckle.  It is an interesting piece of Middle Egyptian.  Enjoy

Can't find Zeitschrift für Assyriologie und Vorderasiatische Archäologie. Volume 32, can you?

Hello everyone,

I have checked all of my local libraries (Amherst, Umass, BU, Harvard, Mt. Holyoke, etc.), and no one has this particular volume from 1918.  If anyone has this journal in their institution’s library and has an opportunity to make a pdf of  pages 164 -184; you would be my hero.



Hebrew Vocab Resources

Karyn Traphagen has just finished hosting a contest on the best vocab aids people have used in their quest to acquire Hebrew vocabulary.   I was unaware of many of the named resources, but there are some really great sounding ones in this list.  To see Karyn’s commentary on these vocabulary tools, go here.  Kayrn [...]

Visual Midrash with Milgrom

Most of the readers of this blog would be familiar with the name Jacob Milgrom.  He is a giant in the field of biblical studies, whose work has had a profound effect on biblical scholarship (Pentateuch Studies in particular).  However, until recently I was unfamilar with the work of his wife, Jo Milgrom.  Jo Milgrom [...]

Most Influential Books

I was tagged by Daniel and Tonya over at the Hebrew and Greek Reader to complete a book meme.  The originator of this meme is Ken Brown.  The idea is that you have to either share your top five most influential books or the top five scholars that had the most immediate and lasting influence [...]

New Name, New Design, But Same Great Taste

I have hated the name of this blog now for about a year, and I have been meaning to change it for about as long. My hatred stems partly from the idea that this blog’s scope isn’t exactly theological (although it occasionally dips into those waters), but mostly my disdain for my blog’s [...]

A New Provost at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

I have just leanred that the former president of RTS in Orlando, Dr. Frank James, has resigned his postion and will be accepting a new position as Provost of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  I don’t know anything about James other than that he is into systematics and historical theology.  For more information on this change, [...]

My Latte of the Day

Well, I thought I would offer a picture of a latte that I made and consumed a couple of hours ago. So here it is…