Thoughts on Evangelism or I was once the Bruce Leroy of Tracks

An interesting thing happened this morning.  My wife and I went to our favorite breakfast spot.  The place was packed.  While we were seated, my wife was moved to compassion to give our table to an elderly couple, who was forced to stand until another table became available (she’s a saint).  After this brief moment [...]

Goldingay on the 1st Testament

I have sadly owned both available volumes of Goldingay’s Old Testament Theology for several months, but I have been unable to get anywhere in these volumes due to class work and other interests; however, last night I started reading chapter 1 of volume 1.  Goldingay states his theological presupposition in the following quote:

“In principle I [...]

Why 2 Chronicles 7:14 drives me crazy!!!!

Can I just say, “ENOUGH”!!!!

I have said something about this on another post’s comments, but I just can’t handle it anymore. STOP USING 2 Chronicles 7:14 and applying it to America. I just happened upon Doug Groothuis’ website, and it appears that he is suggesting that if America humbles themselves, prays and seeks [...]

Revisiting an Old Post on Hermeneutics and Theological Systems

Seeing this topic is getting a bit of steam on the web, I thought I too would write a post dealing with biblical interpretation and theological systems, and then I remembered that I wrote something back in April on this topic, sooo why not just post a link to my old post that deals with [...]

Blogs Discussing the Relationship Between Exegesis and Dogmatics

I discovered Narrative and Ontology a month or so ago, and I can honestly say that this blog is becoming one of my favorites to read. The blog is maintained by Philip Sumpter a Phd student in Germany. Much of his work and reading has been influenced by Brevard Childs (which sadly is [...]

Vednesdays with Westermann Veek I

I haven’t been able to find the time to put something of worth on my blog lately. My class load this semester has been a bit heavy at times, but I am planning on blogging through Claus Westermann’s book Roots of Wisdom: The Oldest Proverbs of Israel and Other Peoples. This was a book [...]

Liminality, Biblical Wisdom, and the Cult

Last night I read a great essay1⁠ by Roland Murphy (who is one of my favorite sapiential scholars) in a festschrift for James Crenshaw. There is a quote that is pertinent to my reading on some of the interpretive exaggerations (as I see it) in relation to issues of liminality, biblical wisdom, and the [...]

Theological Education and Community

Thomas Oden has said, “Only where the living tradition is being embodied by an actual community is theology working rightly”1⁠. To an extant, I am taking this quote out of context. Oden was suggesting that the academy and the church should be dialog partners when doing theology. While one can discuss the [...]

Walter Brueggemann's Thoughts on the Nature of Biblical Wisdom

At the suggestion of James at Eisenbrauns, I looked into the issue of wisdom and its cultural context in Brueggemann’s Old Testament Theology. The following was a quote that I thought was pertinent to the post that I wrote on Liminality, Biblical Wisdom and Interpretative Exaggerations.

“A sapientialization of canonical traditions, including Torah traditions, [...]

Liminality, Biblical Wisdom, and Interpretive Exaggerations

A buzz word in sapiential studies is the word liminality. The citizens of the Promised Land are thrown into a period of transition and flux at the hands of the Neo-Assyrians and the Neo-Babylonians. With the defeat and eventual captivity of the Tribes of Jacob, it is clear that life will be very [...]