Logos 5 is alive

Logos 5 is alive!

I honestly did not expect a new version of Logos to come out anytime soon, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a new version was set to launch on Nov. 1.  Recently I was contacted by a representative of the company to do an advanced product review. After using [...]

The Future of E-Books and Your Library

I wanted to have a discussion about publishing, but specifically digital publishing.  Digital publishing is the future of publishing, if not its present reality.  The proliferation of various e-readers is only going to increase the demand for digital publishing.  I think most dead-tree publishers have been terrified of this looming and present threat, and consequently [...]

App Review: Using Logos’ Bible Software for Sustained Reading on the iPad

Since winning an iPad in November, I have been trying to figure out different applications for my new gadget.  I am not enamored with the iPad’s ability to create large amounts of content (my laptop is still my work-horse), but I do enjoy using it as a reader.  So far my reading habits have been [...]