Some Thoughts on Attending a Seminary . . .

During the Fall semester, if this blog was a house, then it would have been condemned crack house.  No posts have resided in it until now.  This was my final semester at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and it was a crazy one at that.  I graduated with two master degrees (Old Testament & Religion).  These degrees have allowed me the [...]

My Final Semester Class Load

For my final semester at GCTS, I will be taking four(ish) courses.

Exegesis in Proverbs 5 (directed study under Dr. T. Petter)

I believe that this will be a great experience, which will give me the chance to augment my research in this chapter even further.  The hope is that at the end of the course I [...]

I am back . . .

I haven’t had much desire to blog recently, although that is beginning to change.  I have had some health issues (mainly, the discovery of a malignant melanoma tumor on my temple)  that has zapped my focus and my desire to write much of anything on this site.  Two surgeries later and some re-coup time and [...]

Most Influential Books

I was tagged by Daniel and Tonya over at the Hebrew and Greek Reader to complete a book meme.  The originator of this meme is Ken Brown.  The idea is that you have to either share your top five most influential books or the top five scholars that had the most immediate and lasting influence [...]


I have been blogging somewhat regularly now for a year this January, and I just received my 10,000th view at some point today.  I would like to thank the academy and God for making this happen!

To everyone who takes the time to read my often innane thoughts, thanks for reading.

My Hobby…

Bibliobloggers tend to have very diverse hobbies, some of which are extremely geeky (myself included).  During the Biblioblogger Dinner at this year’s annual SBL national meeting, I was discussing my geeky hobby with a few other bloggers.  So at the request of a few, I thought I would post some pictures of my weekly coffee [...]

Some Help…

Hello everyone,

I am trying to do some form criticism on 1 Samuel 10:9-13.  I realize that this section is truncated and that it is a part of a larger section (1 Sam 9:1-1016).  I have identified it as a call Gattung. I have been interacting with Bruce Birch’s JBL article from 1971, and Norman Habel’s [...]

New Content

At SBL, I was conversing with a few bibliobloggers about language acquisition and we began to discuss visual images as aids for understanding.  At the request of a few, I am placing a few images that I have worked on in a new tab on this blog, called resources.  Feel free to check them out [...]

Recap of The SBL Annual Meeting

I will attempt to recap some of the highlights from the SBL annual meeting; however, there were many highlights and such a recap will likely exclude several high points.

First off, sensory overload. The weather outside was cold and crisp; the convention center and the various session rooms were hot; the book bizarre [...]

How it went…

So Sunday has come and gone, and I taught my first module on the wisdom literature for our adult Sunday School program. The purpose of my first lesson was to provide an introduction to the conceptual overlaps between Biblical and ancient Near Eastern wisdom. As you may have remembered, I discussed and posted [...]