So you want to begin reading handwritten ancient manuscripts?

This post is meant to be a practical application of the previous post.  In order to illustrate the differences between a modern critical edition and a facsimile edition of an old manuscript, I will provide an image of a passage from the Leningrad Codex (henceforth LC) along with the same passage in the BHS (copied [...]

Free Resource: Biblical Aramaic Paradigms and Grammar

A few of weeks ago, a couple of my friends on twitter were looking for Biblical Aramaic Paradigms and/or a Grammar.  I created several pages worth of paradigms while taking this ancient language with Doug Stuart at Gordon-Conwell.  After emailing these PDF’s to my colleagues, I decided to make them available to students or teachers [...]

Middle Egyptian Grammatical Helps

While taking Middle Egyptian at Boston University, I created these paradigm sheets so that I could memorize several aspects of the language.  My hope is that someone else will be able to benefit from my work.  Depending on traffic and/or feedback, I will post additional Middle Egyptian helps that I created.

(Click here to access my [...]

I Hate Normal Flashcards: Towards a New Solution for Biblical Hebrew!

There, I said it!  I don’t like flashcards and I never did.  My loathing of these ubiquitous scraps of paper likely stems from my elementary school days, but now I can more clearly articulate why I don’t like them. 

Standard vocabulary flashcards don’t provide a context, and context is one of the most important building [...]

It is Finally Here (Qumran Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Database)!!!!

After much anticipation, Logos is about to finally release their Qumran Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls Database.  From what I understand, the release date for this product was pushed back several times over the last year.  However, it is now official – Logos has confirmed a ship date of 2/16/11.  I ordered this on pre-publication last [...]

Calling all Ugariticists (or at least those who have studied it before) . . .

Hello everyone,

This is my first semester taking Ugaritic, as my previous post mentions.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for useful aids to help master this language?  These aids could include websites, books,  flashcard programs, etc.  Any thoughts or resources would be welcomed and appreciated.



I am thankful for…free resources

Well, I am thankful for many things: family, friends, housing, food, education (really far too many things to list).

I am now pretty sure, you will be thankful for the following free resources:

Encyclopedia Judaica (HT: Mark Hoffman) EDIT: This resource is only available for JCC members living in Austin.  Sorry for the false advertising.

Language and Cognition: [...]

Too many choices in translating a text

I am often frustrated when I begin to translate a portion of scripture.  I know I am not alone with this frustration.  Those who work with the other languages are forced to make difficult decisions, especially regarding metaphors.   Do we translate a passage literally, and handicap the readers of our translation in understanding the [...]

Middle Egyptian Resource

While this doesn’t directly have much to do with wisdom literature, I have created some resources for Middle Egyptian.  As with all of my resources, please feel free to use them just attribute their authorship back to me.

Pdf: Middle Egyptian Paradigms

Does anyone have any Akkadian Helps?

Hey everybody,

I started working on Huehnergard’s Grammar of Akkadian yesterday and it (as the author admits) is made like Lambdin’s Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, and while obviously those grammars are very thorough I am used to more bells and whistles in my grammars.  So has anyone made any visually pleasing aids for learning Akkadian?  Just [...]