Grammatical Analysis of Hosea 2:4-7

This is yet another post in what will be a long running series on Hosea 2:4-7.  I hope you find them helpful in working with the text  (this post will require some knowledge of Hebrew).  The previous posts in this series include:

Text Criticism/Reconstructed Text, Translation, and Translation notes

The Historical Context of Hosea (Part I)

The Historical [...]

The Quest for the Historical Jesus Is it Really Worth It? (Part II.)

Part II.

The philosophy behind history is also a fickle playmate who constantly reinterprets the rules of the game as it progresses.

As alluded to in one of the introductory paragraph of the previous post, there are several quests for the historical Jesus, many of them grouped according to similar methodological perspectives.  These similar perspectives [...]

The Quest for the Historical Jesus: It is really worth it?

(For the ease of reading this entry, I have decided to divide this it into two posts)

These posts will seek to address the value of questing for the historical Jesus.  Given the popularity of this topic as evidenced by recent articles in CT and in some recent blog posts (see: Dr. Michael Bird’s Euangelion and [...]

Biblical Allusions – Fact or Fiction?

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine about illusions and textual dependency as it relates to the formulation of ideas.  My friend and I were talking about the prologue of John and the concept of logos.  Is John familiar with Greek philosophy in an active way or is John passively familiar with Greek [...]

Revisiting an Old Post on Hermeneutics and Theological Systems

Seeing this topic is getting a bit of steam on the web, I thought I too would write a post dealing with biblical interpretation and theological systems, and then I remembered that I wrote something back in April on this topic, sooo why not just post a link to my old post that deals with [...]

Hermeneutics: Interpretation, Community of Faith, and Roland Murphy

I recently have been reading a festschrift entitled Master of the Sacred Page: Essays and Articles in Honor of Roland E. Murphy, O.Car., On The Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday. There is a quote from an interview by Roland Murphy that I thought was just brilliant, so I would like to share it with [...]