Article or Book Suggestions Welcomed and Greatly Appreciated!

Hello everyone,

I just got clearance to take an guided independent research course this semester with Dr. Niehaus.  We will be exploring the theories behind metaphor, imagery and symbolism, and then specifically connecting these theories to Proverbs 1-9.

Below are a list of sources that I have so far (I would really like more books on theory):

A New Provost at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

I have just leanred that the former president of RTS in Orlando, Dr. Frank James, has resigned his postion and will be accepting a new position as Provost of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  I don’t know anything about James other than that he is into systematics and historical theology.  For more information on this change, [...]

Research Help

I am looking to do a little research on proverbs that are not in the Wisdom Literature, but focusing on theories related to sitz im leben of its later (or earlier) colloquial usage.

I am currently looking into:

Parts of Westermann’s Roots of Wisdom: The Oldest Proverbs of Israel and Other Peoples

C.R. Fontaine’s Traditional Sayings in the [...]


Well seeing it is that time of year and most of the students that maintain a biblioblog have all ready done it, I suppose I will too.

My schedule for this upcoming semester along with course descriptions:

Wisdom Literature (w/ Daniel Harrington @ Boston College)

Biblical wisdom literature is diverse, including in its pages ancient equivalents of psychology, [...]