Free Tyndale Monographs…

I was just informed (via. the Agade list) that Tyndale Press Monographs are now open access and available in PDF.  There are a couple interesting volumes related to the HB.

The PDF’s can be found here and here.


Want to Take a Class with Goldingay? Here's your chance…

I just discovered today, through Nijay Gupta’s blog, that John Goldingay has put three graduate level courses on iTunes University.  For those who are not familiar with Goldingay, he is an Old Testament scholar who teaches at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He has most recently completed one of the largest Old Testament Theologies in English.  He [...]

Free Access to Academic Journals (Sage Publishing)

Today as I was going through my spam folder I was able to salvage an email from Sage Publishing.  Sage periodically will offer a trial subscription to their data base.  This means that you can have access to the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament and many others.  The trial is for a [...]

Free Resources Galore From The Fine Folks At Oriental Institute

While this may be news that is a few days old, I thought I would share this wonderful news anyways. The Oriental Institute has an electronic publications initiative in which they are taking many important resources and making them available at no cost in a PDF format. This is such an amazing service [...]

The Other in Second Temple Judiasm

Not sure if anyone in the area (Massachusetts, specifically Western Mass.) is interested in a conference at Amherst College, but there will a conference honoring the impressive work of John J. Collins from Yale . My wife and I will be going along with some friends from Gordon Conwell (Calvin & Mandy). If [...]

Free Audio Book

I have been slow to write on this thing over the last couple of weeks. My lack of posts is a directly related to my midterms, which are now behind me. As those tests are now in my rear view mirror, I hope to write a bit more often. But anyways the [...]

Librarything and Zotero

I have blogged about Zotero before, but I discovered something pretty interesting today.  If you use LibraryThing (which you should) and are searching through your Library; you will see an icon of a note card next to each book.  If you click on that note card it will point you to a bibliographic entry of [...]

Logos did it again!!!

If you are not familiar with Logos you should be. Logos is a software company that specializes in biblical software. I currently have the Silver Scholars edition on their Libronix 3 platform, but this information is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to share with you [...]