I am thankful for…free resources

Well, I am thankful for many things: family, friends, housing, food, education (really far too many things to list).

I am now pretty sure, you will be thankful for the following free resources:

Encyclopedia Judaica (HT: Mark Hoffman) EDIT: This resource is only available for JCC members living in Austin.  Sorry for the false advertising.

Language and Cognition: [...]

The Confessions of Saint Augustine: Free Audio Book

In the past, I have shared deals from ChristianAudio.com. ChristianAudio has many great audio books available for downloading at a reasonable price.  However, once a month, they decide to give a book away.  This may be one of the best free titles that they have offered thus far.  This month, as mentioned in the title, [...]

Free Audio Book

I have been slow to write on this thing over the last couple of weeks. My lack of posts is a directly related to my midterms, which are now behind me. As those tests are now in my rear view mirror, I hope to write a bit more often. But anyways the [...]

Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty

It has been several weeks since I actually wrote something on this page, but with projects ever looming, midterms approaching and fading; I have been too busy to contribute. But with a few of those issues put to bed, I am hoping to get a little more writing done.

1st. In my absence I [...]