I Need Pedagogical Advice for Teaching 1st Year Hebrew Students: What to do with Verbs?

I have been teaching Biblical Hebrew at my church over the last month and a half.  My class consists of 4 students that are members of my church (the youngest student is going into the 7th grade, and the oldest is a college professor).  I am thrilled to be teaching them and I believe that [...]

Joint Academic Programs Saving Fields From Extinction (maybe a bit dramatic)

The following article is copied from Haaretz (via the Agade list)

Israel currently has a great many professors of law and business administration, but very few professors of Egyptology. The few students who want to learn about hieroglyphics or the history of Pharaonic Egypt are often forced to make do with the single lecturer, at most, [...]

I have decided on my classes for the following semester…

While this isn’t earth shattering news, I have been agonizing over this decision for a while now.  My class load will look as follows next semester:

Middle Egyptian with Dr. A. Botta @BU

Exegesis of the Prophetic Books with Dr. Donna Petter @GCTS

Exegesis of Genesis with Dr. Carol Kaminski@ GCTS

Akkadian with Professor Meredith M. Kline (I am [...]

Help…Wisdom of S̆uruppak/Shuruppak

If someone is reading this and has a copy of the title mentioned in the subject, I could really use your help.  I am not near a library that would have this resource, nor will I be near one before my paper is due.  I am looking for lines 15-18, in translation. When ANET was [...]

Theological Education and Community

Thomas Oden has said, “Only where the living tradition is being embodied by an actual community is theology working rightly”1⁠. To an extant, I am taking this quote out of context. Oden was suggesting that the academy and the church should be dialog partners when doing theology. While one can discuss the [...]