Book Review and Thoughts on Wisdom in Theology by Ronald E. Clements

Many of you know that my number one academic interest is wisdom literature.  However, I have not posted anything of consequence on said topic.  So I plan to post various book reviews that deal with the wisdom literature as I finish reading them.  Recently I finished:  Ronald E. Clements, Wisdom in Theology.  The Didsbury Lectures.  [...]

The Calvin Challenge© Week 2. Book 1, Chapter 2.

Welcome to yet another weekly installment of:

The Calvin Challenge©

Book 1 Chapter 2

In this the second chapter of book one, John Calvin begins to explore how he defines knowledge of God as creator and as a savior, and how a true knowledge of God as creator impacts one’s life.

It Is Funny How Some Things Work Out: Reading Week and Required Readings.

It is funny how some things just work out. This semester I was slightly frustrated by the required reading for some of my classes at GCTS. I had a several duplicated textbooks for two very different classes, which was also very frustrating. However, I was most aggravated by a book entitled Darwin [...]

Book Review: Old Testament Ethics and the People of God by Christopher J.H. Wright

Wright, Christopher J.H. Old Testament Ethics for the People of God. Downers Grove, IL.: InterVarsity Press, 2004.

This is a wonderful book by an impressive scholar of the 1st Testament. For those who are not familiar with the work of Christopher J.H. Wright, he deals mostly with ethics and justice as it relates to the [...]

Book Review: Recalling the Hope of Glory by Allen P. Ross

Another of my bedtime books is written by a wonderful and extremely capable Old Testament scholar, Allen P. Ross. The book is entitled: Recalling the Hope of Glory. It was published by Kregel Academic and Professional in 2006. Those that are familiar with his style and approach will appreciate this book and [...]