Another Stop on the CEB Blog Tour

I decided that I would participate in the Common English Bible Blog Tour.  This tour is to run from February 22 to May 27.  Throughout this period, I plan to compare and discuss renderings found in the CEB with other popular translations.  I will then discuss how the translators handled that passage.  All of my [...]

Book Review: The Biblical World edited by John Barton

John Barton, ed. The Biblical World. 2 vols. New York, NY.: Routledge, 2002. (1064 pages)

The Biblical World (henceforth BW) is a two volume reference work that is filled with diverse articles related to the Bible and its academic study.  This work is divided into eight categories (The Bible[1], Genres, Documents[2], History, Institutions, Biblical Figures, Religious [...]

Book Review: Dictionary of Biblical Criticism and Interpretation

Stanley Porter, ed. Dictionary of Biblical Criticism and Interpretation. New York, NY. Routledge, 2009. (406 pages)

I’d like to thank Routledge for sending me a handful of books to review.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to post those reviews.

Of all of the books that Routledge was kind enough to send me to review, I [...]

The Future of E-Books and Your Library

I wanted to have a discussion about publishing, but specifically digital publishing.  Digital publishing is the future of publishing, if not its present reality.  The proliferation of various e-readers is only going to increase the demand for digital publishing.  I think most dead-tree publishers have been terrified of this looming and present threat, and consequently [...]

I am thankful for…free resources

Well, I am thankful for many things: family, friends, housing, food, education (really far too many things to list).

I am now pretty sure, you will be thankful for the following free resources:

Encyclopedia Judaica (HT: Mark Hoffman) EDIT: This resource is only available for JCC members living in Austin.  Sorry for the false advertising.

Language and Cognition: [...]

Free Tyndale Monographs…

I was just informed (via. the Agade list) that Tyndale Press Monographs are now open access and available in PDF.  There are a couple interesting volumes related to the HB.

The PDF’s can be found here and here.


"Help a Graduate Student Get New Text Books" Book Sale

I am looking to sell some books to pay for new textbooks this upcoming semester and also to clear some shelf space.  I will be putting these books on Amazon if I don’t get any interest here.

Arazi, Albert, Joseph Sadan, and David J. Wasserstein, eds. Compilation and Creation in Adab and Luga in Memory of [...]

Akkadian and Sumerian Titles on Sale at Eisenbrauns

Just wanted to let everyone know that Eisenbrauns is running their annual summer sale on Akkadian and Summerian Titles  (10-30% off).  Check it out here.

My Top 5 Primary Sources

I have been tagged by Ken Brown for the latest meme that has been making the rounds (courtesy of Kevin Scull).  So, here is my top 5 list of most influential primary documents.

Here are the rules:

List the 5 primary sources that have most affected your scholarship, thoughts about antiquity, and/or [...]

BDB is being revised!!!

I was over at John Anderson’s blog and I found out that Jo Ann Hackett and John Huehnegard are working on updating the classic lexicon, BDB.  I don’t have any additional information to add, so go check out the news for yourself over at Hesed we ‘emet. (Read the comments section for the scoop).

This is [...]