Logos 5 is alive

Logos 5 is alive!

I honestly did not expect a new version of Logos to come out anytime soon, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a new version was set to launch on Nov. 1.  Recently I was contacted by a representative of the company to do an advanced product review. After using various forms of this software over the last 18 years, I was happy to oblige with this request.

A brief disclaimer:

Version 5 overwrites version 4; therefore, I can not do a side by side comparison because I only run Logos on one computer, my laptop.

First Impressions:

Visually not much has changed between version 4 and version 5, although to my eyes it appears that the font[1] and the drop-down menus are a bit cleaner. While V.4 and V.5 is near visually indistinguishable, what is now under the hood is much more powerful. Version 4 ate up a lot of system memory; however, version 5 is less greedy. In the last version of Logos, I was on the lower end of system requirements. When performing simple tasks Logos would often hang and take a few seconds to carry out that activity. Version 5 is more efficient and the same tasks run much smoother on my system.

System requirements usually get raised with newer software incarnations. However, I find that my long in the tooth laptop actually runs Logos 5 better than it did Logos 4.  This feat alone makes upgrading to the newest version worth it. I can only imagine how well this would work if I had a faster computer with more RAM.

New Resources and Features:

When Logos made a leap forward from V3 to V.4 several new resources were added to their base packages. These resources were great. My favorite new resources during that update were mostly visual and those based on languages (examples include multiple LXX texts some with morphologies, Crowley’s Aramaic Papyri, etc.).  Well, Logos V.5 also comes with a host of new resources.

I am less thrilled with the new resources that are packaged with this update, but I might be in the minority. These new resources likely will excite those that are into systematic theology or dated (but historically important) exegetical works, but overall the new resources are of little value to me. Also, preachers likely will enjoy the new sermon helps; however, this feature does not meet my personal needs.

The one exception to the above paragraph is the various Lexham language products that Logos has been developing over the last couple of years. I am thrilled that there is a BHS with a new morphology (Lexham Hebrew Bible). While it doesn’t come with the Silver edition of Logos (it is available on Gold and higher), I plan on splurging on the new Bible Sense Lexicon module. This resource is AMAZING in that it explores semantic domains in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, which is a rarity among lexicons. I am convinced that this is the direction that lexicons must take, and I am pleased that Logos is dedicated to creating resources with this approach. I know some of the individuals that worked on this particular resource, and they have been trained by one of the best Hebrew linguists working in the field today.

Searching relationships between words is a bit more streamlined and enhanced. A new feature in V.5’s search capabilities is the clause search. This will allow exegetes the opportunity see how words function together in context. This is a wonderful feature!

I also appreciate that when the user attempts to conduct any search query, examples of how to format their inquiry strings is provided. This will help a more casual user get the most out of their software.

Overall Experience:

I really enjoy the user experience of Logos 5. This version update is not a quantum leap from version 4; however, it represents a welcomed incremental improvement from the previous version. This product is a winner with increased speeds, new data sets, and a slightly cleaner interface. I highly recommend users of version 4 to take the plunge and download version 5.

(Obligatory Disclaimer: This software was given to me by Logos Bible Software free of charge. I am in no way affiliated with Logos, and I am not obligated to give this product a favorable review. I have been asked to provide an honest review based on my own experience with the product.)

[1] My eye was correct. It turns out that Logos has employed a new font (Source Sans Pro) in this version. An interesting article on this font can be found here.

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