Open Source Digital Academic Resources From Around the Web

I love it when good scholarly resources become available to the general public for free.  When the sources are digital and open access, then I am a happy man.  So in the spirit of that sentiment, I thought I would share a few resources with you folks.

Duke University has made their dissertations available to download in a convenient PDF format.  The scope of this literature is wide!  So there is something for everyone.

Baylor also has made their dissertations available to download. Apparently this is old news, since I ran across a post about this over onJohn Andersons’ blog (written back in 2009); however, it is new news to me.

A new open access theological journal has recently dropped.  This new resource is called the Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament.  If you make your rounds in the biblio-blogging community, then you will notice a few familiar names like John Hobbins and Michael Heiser. (H.T. Mitchell Powell)

The final set of open source resources were put together by Charles Halton.  On his excellent blog, Awilum, Charles created a tongue and cheek M.A. program cobbled together from free open courses on iTunes U and various university web pages (examples include classes from Yale, Harvard, and NYU).

Happy reading and listening!

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