Another Stop on the CEB Blog Tour

I decided that I would participate in the Common English Bible Blog Tour.  This tour is to run from February 22 to May 27.  Throughout this period, I plan to compare and discuss renderings found in the CEB with other popular translations.  I will then discuss how the translators handled that passage.  All of my entries will relate to texts from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.  At the end of this process, I hope to provide a solid assessment of this translation.

An Intro to the CEB

I must admit my ignorance of this translation prior to joining the blog tour.  Yet, I jumped at the chance to weigh in on its value.  I am a bit of a language geek, and translation choice/philosophy is interesting to me.

According to the CEB website one of the chief aims of this versions was to “make the Bible accessible to a broad range of people; it’s written at a comfortable level for over half of all English readers. As the translators did their work, reading specialists working with seventy-seven reading groups from more than a dozen denominations review the texts to ensure a smooth and natural reading experience.”

My first impression is that the English of this text is fairly accessible.  It actually reminds me of the HCSB in some places, but I’m curious to see if this impression holds true with a more systematic evaluation.  However, this translation appears to be more inclusive of other theological traditions.

Would you like a copy of the CEB?

Each week during the CEB Blog Tour, I will give away a free softcover edition of the CEB to one of my readers.  For entry into this weekly drawing, you will need to post a new comment each week into the latest blog entry that contains the blue CEB Blog Tour logo.  If you are a blogger, then you can receive an additional entry to win this translation by hyperlinking the current CEB highlighted posts into your blog.

Best of Luck!


3 comments to Another Stop on the CEB Blog Tour

  • Dan Watson

    This sounds awesome. Where can I get one?

  • Adam Couturier

    Hello, Dan.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I’ll do the drawing for the CEB on Monday, and I’ll contact you via email if you when. Thanks for entering. However, if you don’t win, then you can always purchase the Bible in places where Bibles are sold.


  • Adam Couturier

    Congrats, Dan. You won a free copy of the CEB.

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