My Final Semester Class Load

For my final semester at GCTS, I will be taking four(ish) courses.

Exegesis in Proverbs 5 (directed study under Dr. T. Petter)

I believe that this will be a great experience, which will give me the chance to augment my research in this chapter even further.  The hope is that at the end of the course I will have an article that I can shop around to a few different peer-reviewed journals.  I also love that I am pretty well stocked on Proverbs commentaries (although always looking for more).

Historiography (Dr. Rosell)

I am excited for this seminar.  While we won’t be exclusively dealing with historiography as it applies to the biblical narrative, we will be dealing with issues related to “doing” history more generally.  I truly believe that this class will round out my educational experience at GCTS nicely, while exposing me to other areas not directly related to my own research interests.  All in all, this will be great!

Ugaritic (Prof. Meredith Kline)

This class should be very interesting, and I am excited about working through the KRT epic.  I think there is a great need for understanding Ugaritic, and I am excited to begin my march towards competency in another Semitic language.  The approach of the class is extremely deductive, but I think my work in Hebrew and Aramaic should come a long way in helping me overcome most of my obstacles related to this pedagogical approach (I learn languages best inductively). (Thanks, James for hooking me up with a copy of Bordreuil and Pardee and Schniedewind and Hunt.  You are awesome!)

MAR Integrative Project (Advisor/Supervisor Dr. Niehaus)

This project is a requirement for the MAR degree.  This project has two halves.  The first half is a paper that argues that one can accelerate the learning of ancient Hebrew (vocabulary) by avoiding the use of primary language glosses, while employing images or pictures in their stead.  The second half of this project will build on the work that I have all ready begun in the Biblical Hebrew tab on this blog.  So for more of you that like my pictures . . . there will be more forthcoming!

It feels strange that this semester will end my career at Gordon-Conwell.  I am so thankful for the education that I have received, and the skill set that I have acquired.

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