Free Tyndale Monographs…

I was just informed (via. the Agade list) that Tyndale Press Monographs are now open access and available in PDF.  There are a couple interesting volumes related to the HB.

The PDF’s can be found here and here.


4 comments to Free Tyndale Monographs…

  • danielandtonya


    btw, you can crash on our floor in New Orleans.


  • Adam Couturier

    I am glad you enjoyed the news!

    Thanks Daniel, but sadly I couldn’t afford to make it to SBL this year. I am performing my cousins wedding next year, and need to save up for a trip to Colorado. I look forward to reading your blog while you are in New Orleans. If you are presenting, I would love to read your paper.

  • danielandtonya

    don’t register. sleep on our floor and be the mooch who walks into sessions. they only check your badge at the book exhibit!

    neither of us are presenting this year.

  • Adam Couturier

    Hahaha…registering wasn’t really the issue. The problem was the cost of a flight. But wandering halls and filtering into sessions would be hilarious. We will definitely have to catch up at the next meeting.

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