"Help a Graduate Student Get New Text Books" Book Sale

I am looking to sell some books to pay for new textbooks this upcoming semester and also to clear some shelf space.  I will be putting these books on Amazon if I don’t get any interest here.

Arazi, Albert, Joseph Sadan, and David J. Wasserstein, eds. Compilation and Creation in Adab and Luga in Memory of Nephtali Kinberg. Israel Oriental Studies. Winona Lake, IN.: Eisenbrauns, 1999.  Hardcover ($39.99)

Beall, Todd S., Colin S. Smith, and William A. Banks. Old Testament Parsing Guide: Revised and Updated Edition. 2nd ed. B&H Academic, 2000.  Paper ($18)

Blaszczak, Gerald R. A Formcritical Study of Selected Odes of Solomon. Scholars Pr, 1985. Hardcover ($12)

Boa, Kenneth. Conformed to His Image: Biblical and Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation. Grand Rapids, MI.: Zondervan, 2001.  Hardcover ($15)

Carson, D. A., R. T. France, and J. A. Motyer, eds. New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition. 4th ed. InterVarsity Press, 1994. Hardcover with DJ  ($25)

Deere, Jack S. Surprised by the Power of the Spirit. Grand Rapids, MI.: Zondervan, 1996. Hardcover with DJ  ($8)

Dockery, David S. New Dimensions in Evangelical Thought : Essays in Honor of Millard J. Erickson. Intervarsity Pr, 1998. Hardcover with DJ ($10)

Goodrick, Edward W., and John R., III Kohlenberger. Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance. 2nd ed. Zondervan Publishing Company, 1999.  Hardcover ($13)

Grenz, Stanley J. Theology for the Community of God. Broadman & Holman, 2000. Hardcover with DJ  ($15)

Grudem, Wayne. Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine. Zondervan, 1995.
Hardcover with DJ($24)

Henry, David. The Early Development of the Hermeneutic of Karl Barth as Evidenced by His Appropriation of Romans 5:12-21. Dissertation Series. Mercer University Press, 1985. Paper ($15)

Hoekema, Anthony A. The Bible and the Future. Grand Rapids, MI.: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1979. Hardcover with DJ ($20)

Johnson, Phillip E. Darwin on Trial. Washington, D.C.: Regnery Gateway, 1991. Hardcover with DJ ($10)

Keller, Adolf. Karl Barth and christian unity: the influence of the Barthian movement upon the churches of the world / transl. in collaboration with Werner Petersmann by Manfred Manrodt, and rev. by A.J. Macdonald, with an intr. by Luther A. Weigle. New York, NY.: Macmillan and co., 1933. Hardcover ($40)

Publishing, Zondervan. Zondervan NASB Exhaustive Concordance. Zondervan Publishing Company, 2000. Hardcover ($13)

Wigram, George V. The Englishman’s Hebrew Concordance of Old Testament: Coded with Strong’s Concordance Numbers. Hendrickson Publishers, 1996.  Hardcover($19)

Wurzburger, Walter S. Ethics of Responsibility: Pluralistic Approaches to Covenantal Ethics. 1st ed. Jewish Pubn Society, 1994.  ($10)

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