Goldingay on the 1st Testament

I have sadly owned both available volumes of Goldingay’s Old Testament Theology for several months, but I have been unable to get anywhere in these volumes due to class work and other interests; however, last night I started reading chapter 1 of volume 1.  Goldingay states his theological presupposition in the following quote:

“In principle I am not interested in Old Testament theology as a merely theoretical discipline.  I am interested in it because I have found that the Old Testament has a capacity to speak with illumination and power to lives of communities and individuals.  Yet I also believe it has been ignored and/or emasculated and I want to see it loose in the world of theology, in the church and in the world.  I want to formulate a statement that is theological in the sense that it expresses what we can believe and live by and not merely one that restates what some dead Israelites believed.[1]

I couldn’t personally agree more with Goldingay’s sentiment.  The 1st Testament’s theology is a part of a living vital theology.

[1] John Goldingay, Old Testament Theology: Israel’s Gospel (vol. 1; Grand Rapids, MI.: IVP Academic, 2003), 18

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